Effective Problem Solving in Character Development and the Science Curriculum

  In our world, students need to learn to be effective problem solvers, both academically, and socially. Being an effective problem solver means that students are able to complete their work effectively with others, for others, and through others. It does not mean that students always get their work completed correctly, nor does it meanContinue reading “Effective Problem Solving in Character Development and the Science Curriculum”

Thoughts on the Nature of Human Beings and the Learning Process

  Throughout evolution, people have always needed to be able to take in relevant information from the surrounding environment, synthesize it and formulate a plan of action, or face possible death. While the threat of death has been a key part of our evolutionary past, it is certainly not something that we need to contendContinue reading “Thoughts on the Nature of Human Beings and the Learning Process”

Promoting Courage in our Educational Systems

Courage is an important trait to embody in our Education system, for both Educators and Students.  As one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings, it is a trait that enables all other aspects of good character, including Humility, Inclusiveness, Cooperation, and Respect. It also encompasses the ability to be imperfect, and the ability to contribute toContinue reading “Promoting Courage in our Educational Systems”

Ethical Principles for Educators: Promoting the Dignity of all Students

  Everyday, educators come together both in and out of our schools in order to promote social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural success for all students, thus enabling them to function to their highest potential in an ever-changing society. This includes promoting and supporting inclusive and ethical models when working with exceptional children. The data from assessments are invaluable, and mustContinue reading “Ethical Principles for Educators: Promoting the Dignity of all Students”

It’s a good thing to be Humble: Humility in our School Systems

  ‘It’s a good thing to be Humble’, my Grandmother once said many years ago. Sounds simple enough, but I always come back to that statement in my life. How can something so simple, have the ability to affect our lives so greatly? Humility one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings, and is basically the actContinue reading “It’s a good thing to be Humble: Humility in our School Systems”

Educational Leadership and Principles of Cognitive Psychology

Educational Leaders can benefit greatly from the principles of Cognitive Psychology. It is a valid, quantifiable field that is able to help us understand a wide range of issues as they pertain to Education and Learning. The research behind Cognition has been focussed on how we think and the way we learn, and more specifically on theContinue reading “Educational Leadership and Principles of Cognitive Psychology”

Globalization and our Schools

  Globalization is affecting our classrooms, culturally, linguistically, technologically, environmentally, economically, politically, socially, and the list goes on. Many of the developments that go along with Globalization, such as technological developments, provide new opportunities and productive changes in our classrooms and education system. However, we must also grapple with the pace of Globalization and theContinue reading “Globalization and our Schools”

Making the Shift to Inquiry Based Instruction

  Currently I am re-examining my instructional practice, and trying to understand how I can effectively teach students to nurture a sense of wonder about the Natural world around us. With my current focus, on integrating FNMI strategies into the Science Curriculum, I have decided that Inquiry Based Learning is a strategy worthy of researchingContinue reading “Making the Shift to Inquiry Based Instruction”