Tips for Running Blended Learning Environment with your Students

  Three years ago, I embarked on a challenge to integrate FNMI knowledge and blended learning with all of the Grade 3 students in my school. I teach AQ and college courses with D2L, so how hard could it be? It was quite challenging to say the least. So challenging, I decided to put the blendedContinue reading “Tips for Running Blended Learning Environment with your Students”

Are we preparing our students for the world outside the classroom?

Education is both directly impacted by changes in our world, yet is also responsible for preparing and ensuring that our society’s children are ready to survive and thrive in our world. There is no doubt about it, rapidly evolving technologies and economies are having significant impacts on the socioeconomic status of families. Education can eitherContinue reading “Are we preparing our students for the world outside the classroom?”

Information Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom

      Information literacy skills are of paramount importance in the 21st Century. Information Literacy is an all encompassing term that includes traditional reading, writing, oral communication, digital literacy, media literacy, digital citizenship and higher order thinking skills. Higher order thinking skills includes critical thinking, and are are necessary for all curriculum areas andContinue reading “Information Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom”

Help! Our School Structures are outdated and the Digital Divide is growing!

This picture represents how learning was originally structured within school systems. One can make inferences about what was important in education in the 1800’s. But how much have things changed since our Canadian school system was implemented? Are Students engaged? I can’t help but think however, that for all of our new technologies and newContinue reading “Help! Our School Structures are outdated and the Digital Divide is growing!”

Gifted Learning Needs: Strategies to Promote Success

All students with Gifted abilities are exceptional learners.  This is defined as such by most Special Education guidelines within our school systems. If you are a Regular Classroom Teacher, chances are, you have students with Gifted abilities in your classroom. It is essential that all Educators become prepared arsenal of strategies on hand to supportContinue reading “Gifted Learning Needs: Strategies to Promote Success”

Knowledge, Technology, the Commons – Evolution of new Paradigms

Some of my learning from CBC ‘Ideas in the Afternoon’ on Feb 3, 2014. Can be found on the following website: Ideas in the Afternoon On my way back from Toronto the other day, a colleague had tweeted me about a great show on CBC radio. I had the opportunity to listen to a programContinue reading “Knowledge, Technology, the Commons – Evolution of new Paradigms”

Useful iPad Apps for Educators

The following pictures are of categories of iPad apps that I have experimented with and have found useful in my education practice. Research, Curation, Communication, Collaboration, Creation, Sharing & Presenting are some of the most important things we can do with our learners to prepare them for now, and the future. Deborah McCallum The PicturesContinue reading “Useful iPad Apps for Educators”

Cultivating Knowledge in Virtual Spaces

  There are vast amounts of ‘blank’ spaces in our virtual worlds. The empty virtual spaces will eventually be filled with knowledge. But who’s knowledge will have the privilege of being promoted?  I believe that this is an issue that we need to be concerned about particularly in light of current events in the issueContinue reading “Cultivating Knowledge in Virtual Spaces”