Facilitating a Digital Publishing Program in my new Education Commons Role

  Last year started out as an exciting year, where I had the opportunity to launch a Student Publishing Program in our Library. Inspired by the SAMR and Technology Integration Matrix, and the TPACK models, I decided to design a Digital Publishing Program. As I continue with this initiative in this new school year, IContinue reading “Facilitating a Digital Publishing Program in my new Education Commons Role”

5 Ways to Foster Welcoming Environments for your Students

With so many Educators embarking on a new beginnings this time of year, it is a great time to reflect upon how we can create Welcoming Environments for our students and parents. Creating classrooms and schools that are Welcoming for both students and parents, is absolutely essential to improving Student Learning and Engagement. If weContinue reading “5 Ways to Foster Welcoming Environments for your Students”

5 Considerations for Welcoming Environments in our Schools

Fostering welcoming environments in education is essential for improving learning and engagement. Schools can help acknowledge students by representing their cultural diversity. This can be done by embedding cultural symbols, and practices into our buildings, classrooms, and online environments that serve to help make students and parents feel welcome and important. However, it is aContinue reading “5 Considerations for Welcoming Environments in our Schools”

8 Considerations when Creating a 21st Century Learning Commons

There are important elements that need to be considered when trying to create a 21st Century Library Space. Libraries of the 21st Century truly need to be spaces that promote both physical and virtual senses of Safety, Inclusiveness, and Equity. Regardless of your situation, Safety, Inclusiveness, and Equity need to be at the forefront ofContinue reading “8 Considerations when Creating a 21st Century Learning Commons”

Making the Shift to Inquiry Based Instruction

  Currently I am re-examining my instructional practice, and trying to understand how I can effectively teach students to nurture a sense of wonder about the Natural world around us. With my current focus, on integrating FNMI strategies into the Science Curriculum, I have decided that Inquiry Based Learning is a strategy worthy of researchingContinue reading “Making the Shift to Inquiry Based Instruction”

Key Characteristics of Effective Educators

  The relationship between Educator and student is so important, especially during the students formative years. To be able to engage students in the learning process effectively, the reality is that this relationship needs to be perceived of as strong, solid, and based on trust and respect. Effective Educators are those who have strong relationshipsContinue reading “Key Characteristics of Effective Educators”