Facilitating a Digital Publishing Program in my new Education Commons Role

  Last year started out as an exciting year, where I had the opportunity to launch a Student Publishing Program in our Library. Inspired by the SAMR and Technology Integration Matrix, and the TPACK models, I decided to design a Digital Publishing Program. As I continue with this initiative in this new school year, I... Continue Reading →

New Pedagogies needed for Edtech Integration

Technology has always existed, and there is nothing really new to teach our students. If we can consider this argument for a moment, and consider the implications of what it means for Education. If technology has always existed and evolved, then learning has also had to evolve across time and space. The newest and rapidly... Continue Reading →

Edtech, will you marry me? Proposal from a Teacher

I think I am finally ready to take the next step in my relationship with Ed! Ed Tech, Please consider this marriage proposal from me, a teacher.... And not just me...me kids really need that direct 'Tech' influence in their lives. More and more I realise that I just can’t do it all on my... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Benefits of Using iPads: Supporting Instructional and Assessment Strategies

The role of the Teacher is a large one, and includes obtaining accurate information about what their students already know, previous learning experiences, cultural backgrounds, & special learning needs etc. It is this information that enables teachers to be able to effectively design Instructional strategies and Assessments that appropriate for each student. The younger students... Continue Reading →

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