Promoting Courage in our Educational Systems

Courage is an important trait to embody in our Education system, for both Educators and Students.  As one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings, it is a trait that enables all other aspects of good character, including Humility, Inclusiveness, Cooperation, and Respect. It also encompasses the ability to be imperfect, and the ability to contribute toContinue reading “Promoting Courage in our Educational Systems”

Educational Leadership and Principles of Cognitive Psychology

Educational Leaders can benefit greatly from the principles of Cognitive Psychology. It is a valid, quantifiable field that is able to help us understand a wide range of issues as they pertain to Education and Learning. The research behind Cognition has been focussed on how we think and the way we learn, and more specifically on theContinue reading “Educational Leadership and Principles of Cognitive Psychology”

Key Characteristics of Effective Educators

  The relationship between Educator and student is so important, especially during the students formative years. To be able to engage students in the learning process effectively, the reality is that this relationship needs to be perceived of as strong, solid, and based on trust and respect. Effective Educators are those who have strong relationshipsContinue reading “Key Characteristics of Effective Educators”

Creating Welcoming Environments in our Schools and Libraries

  In many schools, there can be a lack of cultural diversitiy, symbols and practices that make students and parents feel welcome and important. This is unfortunate, because creating Welcoming Environments are essential to improving Student Learning. However, it is a challenge to continually create Welcoming Environments in our schools. With increasing demands surrounding schoolContinue reading “Creating Welcoming Environments in our Schools and Libraries”