It’s a good thing to be Humble: Humility in our School Systems

  ‘It’s a good thing to be Humble’, my Grandmother once said many years ago. Sounds simple enough, but I always come back to that statement in my life. How can something so simple, have the ability to affect our lives so greatly? Humility one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings, and is basically the actContinue reading “It’s a good thing to be Humble: Humility in our School Systems”

Restorative Practice Circles

Restorative Practice Circles are based upon the First Nations tradition of Talking Circles. First Nations, Metis & Inuit cultures are built upon oral traditions, therefore Talking Circles have been important ways to maintain and pass down important cultural teachings. Restorative Practice is a form of justice, where in the classroom, it could be comprised of theContinue reading “Restorative Practice Circles”