4 Top Communication Skills for Educators

 Using effective communication skills in our learning environments will promote student voice, equity, balance, literacy skills, and academic success!I am currently Instructing a College Course in Psychology that promotes key counselling skills via Desire2Learn LMS.  I am able to work with a cohort of amazing candidates who are not in the education profession. I have... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Mindsets & the Psychology of Success

  Teachers expectations of students abilities in the classroom play significant roles in learner success. Likewise, learner mindsets have strong impacts in education. The best way to realize the potential within ourselves and the potential within others, especially our learners is, to set and identify reasonable goals - not as ultimate boundaries to where you can go... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the Nature of Human Beings and the Learning Process

  Throughout evolution, people have always needed to be able to take in relevant information from the surrounding environment, synthesize it and formulate a plan of action, or face possible death. While the threat of death has been a key part of our evolutionary past, it is certainly not something that we need to contend... Continue Reading →

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