Patterning & Algebra Practice Questions

Grade 4 Patterning & Algebra Practice on the computer: demonstrate an understanding of equality between pairs of expressions, using addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The following activities have corresponding websites for practice below. Please start with #1. (you just have to place your cursor over the number and double click to open the linkContinue reading “Patterning & Algebra Practice Questions”

Persuasive Writing

Writing is a process, that requires feedback. Feedback is more than how we assess a student. The conversations we have in our classrooms, and how we interact with learning goals, success criteria and other assessment criteria are important.  We have already engaged extensively with modelled and shared writing, and the 6 traits of writing. WeContinue reading “Persuasive Writing”

More sites to review – student-friendly, engaging, visual, inquiry-based

Originally posted on TDSB Professional Library:
Based on recent reviews in the professional literature, here are 3 sites worth checking. What do they have in common? They are:  very visual;  include interactive and multimedia features; student friendly; multiple subjects. Remember to review all the sites before recommending them to students. Wonderoplis provided by the (US) National…