Regions of Canada

This spring, we have some wonderful work that we will be engaged in. As we continue into our Social Studies unit, our students have begun to identify an endangered animal in each region of Canada. We will be studying the environmental impacts of industry on the animals from each region. We will also be creating... Continue Reading →

Math: Communication for Critical Thinking

Big Ideas in Education

The strategies we use to teach math are coming under a lot of consideration these days.

I do believe that curriculum frameworks are changing for the better within a changing society. We are moving from a purely behaviouralistic view of curriculum as drill, repetition, basic skills instruction and review. Curriculum under this view is highly prescriptive by nature, and requires step-by-step structured learning methods. However, I think that it is problematic to spend our time here for many reasons – one particular reason is because the answer to anything can be googled. 

It is important to focus on the language of math and our subjective realities that come into play when we are working with mathematical language.

Communication is therefore the cornerstone of math. Math makes use of symbols that we have given meaning to. Therefore, adding dimensions and new realities with communication is essential to creating a…

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Math Fluency without Fear

Amazing article on math from @joboaler from @standford

Math Pattern: Problem Solving with a Gallery Walk

Today our students worked on a Patterning Problem to: describe and extend a geometric pattern make predictions related to this pattern investigate this problem with manipulatives ask questions present findings and express the patterning rule.  We began with a whole group discussion of the problem posed in class. Minds on: We engaged in a think... Continue Reading →

Day 16: What CAN I Learn Today? #edCampSWO #edCampLDN


Written and shared by Andrew Forgrave

While I had originally thought I might take in #edCampSWO (SouthWest Ontario) in Tillbury, ON at the last minute, it turned out not to be the case. Add to the mix a similar interest in also attending a second Ontario #edCamp being held on the same day in the same end of the province, #edCampLDN (London), and the dilemma truly magnified. What to do?

The OSEEMOOC spearheaded by Donna Fry (@fryed) and Mark Carbone (@markwcarbone) has been underway for a little over a month now, and Donna’s current challenge to Ontario educators is to share a “What Did I Learn Today” post with the community.   With this in mind, I decided to undertake to explore a “What CAN I Learn Today?” question, with the focus of following two Ontario #edCamps from afar.


Face to Face Learning Rocks!

I will admit to a strong…

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Technology changing how we teach & learn

Haiku Deck – Kindergartens 2014 with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

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