Who is Tracking You on the Internet?


Internet Privacy & Behavioural Tracking

I just watched a very imformative TED talks video by Gary Kovacs on ‘Tracking the Trackers, and have been introduced to ‘Behavioural Tracking’ on the Internet. I have downloaded the Collusion add-on to be used only in Firefox, and have just had my eyes open to just how our visited sites and personal information is easily tracked by other websites. This is definitely something that we need to educate our children about, and something that will inform how I use the internet from now on!

The video can be watched here:



Collusion Add-On for Firefox:


Livebinders Educator Resources


A compilation of Excellent Educator Resources, based on the Ontario Curriculum!

Please check it out!

Some of the categories include:

  • Media Awareness
  • Library Resources
  • First Nations
  • Smart Board
  • Special Education
  • Research
  • Technology in Education

and many more!!!!

Mrs D.Mc:)

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