Changing Pedagogies and Student Voice

Today it seems as though pedagogy is becoming a word we are hearing about a lot more.  A word that is starting to seep beyond education and government, into other institutions, organizations and aspects of society that have genuine interests in the future of our children. The evidence certainly points toward the idea that we... Continue Reading →

The education sector essentially uses a variety of programs and strategies to add significant value to the lives of all learners. Each one depends upon unique interactions of both the educator and the learner. We are confronting the new challenges that schools are facing in the 21st century. These include, but not limited to, technology... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Promote Key Learning Skills vs 21st Century Technologies

In our 21st Century, good Pedagogy is still the same as it ever was. The skills we need to educate our students about are still the same, however, we may have some new ways of imparting these skills on our students based on new technologies and concepts we hear about and use in our 21st Century. So,... Continue Reading →

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