Make School Different: Think Like a Librarian

In keeping with the meme #makeschooldifferent, I have been thinking more about the philosophies behind Librarianship. I decided to think about this in terms of what I want to START, instead of what we need to STOP pretending. I am passionate about education and have also been working on a project for New Pedagogies for... Continue Reading →

Learning Commons to Education Commons

I have been a Teacher-Librarian for approximately 8 of the last 14 years, and I also teach AQ courses in Librarianship. I am very passionate about the philosophy behind the Learning Commons. That is why this year, when I decided to move back into the classroom, I wanted to transfer the Learning Commons philosophy over... Continue Reading →

Facilitating a Digital Publishing Program in my new Education Commons Role

  Last year started out as an exciting year, where I had the opportunity to launch a Student Publishing Program in our Library. Inspired by the SAMR and Technology Integration Matrix, and the TPACK models, I decided to design a Digital Publishing Program. As I continue with this initiative in this new school year, I... Continue Reading →

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