It is not about the technology. It is about what we do with it.

This year I have been greatly inspired from a Teacher-Librarian at another school, who has been an expert at garnering support for reading amazing Canadian Literature!  More specifically - The Forest of Reading from the Ontario Library Association.  What I love most about what she does, is that she has built a strong global sense of community... Continue Reading →

Help! Our School Structures are outdated and the Digital Divide is growing!

This picture represents how learning was originally structured within school systems. One can make inferences about what was important in education in the 1800's. But how much have things changed since our Canadian school system was implemented? Are Students engaged? I can't help but think however, that for all of our new technologies and new... Continue Reading →

Form Follows Function: Structures in Education: Building Frameworks for Ed-Tech Integration

I was facilitating student learning about structures with the Grade 3 classes, when an idea struck me. I realised that just as we need to consider many key factors in building the strongest and most useful structures in our society, we need to consider similar factors to build technology frameworks to support edtech integration in our schools. Structures are... Continue Reading →

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