8 Steps to Integrate Science Curriculum in a Regular or Split Grade Class

Integrating the curriculum in a split grade is challenging even at the best of times. Especially when we have been trained to not see any obvious links between the expectations. For instance, a Grade 2 science curriculum focusses on the states of matter, the Grade 3 curriculum focuses on structures. For many teachers, the ability... Continue Reading →

Help! Our School Structures are outdated and the Digital Divide is growing!

This picture represents how learning was originally structured within school systems. One can make inferences about what was important in education in the 1800's. But how much have things changed since our Canadian school system was implemented? Are Students engaged? I can't help but think however, that for all of our new technologies and new... Continue Reading →

Edtech: Harnessing Student Voice and Promoting Equity

    Educational Technology can be used to promote equity in our learning spaces, harness student voice, and provide new avenues for students to cultivate their passions in life. Educators can choose to use this edtech meaningfully in our learning spaces. We can use it for purposes including connecting, creating, knowledge building, publishing, giving students... Continue Reading →

Edtech, Pedagogy, Boundaries of Competence

When educators talk about all of the great ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, and when companies effectively advertise their products, it is easy to make education about the technology and not the pedagogy, curriculum, or student. However, it is not wise to merely start with the technology, but with the learning goals, and... Continue Reading →

Form Follows Function: Structures in Education: Building Frameworks for Ed-Tech Integration

I was facilitating student learning about structures with the Grade 3 classes, when an idea struck me. I realised that just as we need to consider many key factors in building the strongest and most useful structures in our society, we need to consider similar factors to build technology frameworks to support edtech integration in our schools. Structures are... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Purposes of Tech in Education

Our modern eduction system now operated under the continual and unrelenting in-flux of 21st Century Technologies into our realm of communicating, sharing and obtaining information. This is deeply influencing the type of information, literacy and knowledge building skills that are desperately needed. However, education is simply not about the technology. Education is about opening up to... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Criteria for Choosing Edtech

  There are important considerations that need to be at the forefront of our decision making when it comes to choosing edtech. When we metaphorically 'grab' onto the technology and use it without thought as to how it affects our pedagogy, we may be putting our learners at a a disadvantage. Therefore, there are several... Continue Reading →

Edtech, Advertising, and Media Literacy

The rapid increase of technology in the 21st century has impacted every sector, and education is no exception. While the benefits are numerous, the drawbacks have included the advertising and commercialism tactics that have permeated the many technologies, especially free technologies that educators are using. If educators are not careful, we could be inadvertently endorsing... Continue Reading →

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